It was just another normal weekend when I decided to turn on my TV and came across this program introducing Seafood in Numazu Port. That inspired me to take a small trip to Numazu and enjoy some great seafood. Since it was a last minute trip, I didn’t have the time to make any hotel reservations and thought a day trip will be perfect.

Numazu and Mishima areas are located in the Shizuoka prefecture. It was an about 1.5 hours away from Yokohama and about 2 hours away from Tokyo. There are many routes to take such as taking the “Super-View Odoriko” (website in Japanese only) or just rent a car and drive along the coast of Sagami-Bay.

Photo Spot #1  – Coastline view from the train

(photo abstracted from Super-View Odoriko official Website)

And I hit the road and came to my first stop at Numazu Port (click here for location)! It was a huge fishing port where there were many fishing boats and lots of seafood restaurants. It was mid noon when I arrived. Most fishing boats had probably wrapped up their day out in the sea and were already back where they should be. Sadly but to no surprise, the wet market was cleaned and empty during my visit. Anyway, I start strolling through the port area and it was simply breathtaking- a relaxed time in an ancient heritage street.

Photo Spot #2  – Entrance to Numazu Port

By the way, if you happen to be there earlier, you will be able to see how the auction of fish in the wet market. For me, it was just a really empty and clean market (lol~).

Getting hungry while looking at people enjoying beer and seafood barbecue! As I walk along the street, I came across the restaurant that was introduced in the TV program.

Restaurant name: Numazu Kanehachi

Where: 109 Senbonminatocho, Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-0845 (google map)

Operating Hours: 10AM – 7PM  (until 9pm on Weekends)

As if that wasn’t enough, I decided to go for one more restaurant. This time, I found an interesting Burger Fastfood restaurant. It can be fastfood but this is Japan! Any fastfood can be just as healthy. Here, it serves healthy burgers sucy as fresh fish burgers including deepsea fish which promises rich proteins! Psst.. they have Shark burgers too~!

Photo Spot #3  – Numazu Hamburger Cafe ~it was actually featured in one Anime

Satisfied and full and still having plenty of time left, I decided to enjoy a drive in that area. A famous spot – Japan’s Longest Suspension Bridge – Mishima Skywalk (website) was just about 38 minutes drive away -or about 1hr train ride away. Along the way, I came across a “Izu Fruits Park” (location) and grabbed some really delicious Melon. In fact, around July you get to pick your own melon from the garden and enjoy a half an hour of eat-all-you-can at 2000yen!

Continuing my journet to Mishima Skywalk. Bought the entrance ticket which costed me 1000yen. The entrance to the bridge was a large “A” shaped pillar, grand and gorgeous. I guess it was because it was an weekend, there were many people, took me quite a bit of time before i can “get” to cross the bridge. It sure was kind of a scary walk. The suspension bridge sure shook alot! If you are afraid of heights, this can be quite a thril for you! Right on the other side of the bridge there was a garden full of flowers – in Summer, there will be pretty purple and blue hydrangea. And I was right in time for Sunset! Beautiful view from the bridge.

Photo Spot #4  – Hydrangea park

Photo Spot #5  – Sunset at Mishima Skywalk







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